Felicia Knight

Felicia Knight


An experienced hand at media strategy, politics, public relations, public policy, and crisis communications, Felicia is exactly who you want guiding your company, organization, agency, or issue.

Felicia’s 20-year award-winning on-air broadcast journalism career was followed by a decade at the center of government in Washington, DC—first as Communications Director for United States Senator Susan Collins and the Collins for Senator re-election campaign. As such, she oversaw all communications for the Senator’s Washington, DC and state offices, as well as for the Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations during the Senator’s Chairmanship, and for the then-Governmental Affairs Committee, during the Senator’s tenure as Ranking Member.

Following her service with Senator Collins, Felicia moved to the Executive Branch as Communications Director for the National Endowment for the Arts under then-Chairman Dana Gioia. While there, she oversaw award winning, multi-million dollar national initiatives such as Operation Homecoming: Writing the Wartime Experience, The Big Read, Poetry Out Loud, and Shakespeare in American Communities.

Over the course of her impressive career, Felicia has worked with members of Congress, senators, cabinet secretaries, presidents, foreign dignitaries, heads of state, state and local lawmakers, CEOs, artists, musicians, actors, and authors.

Felicia’s experience ranges from senior positions on multiple political campaigns to working closely with international corporations and foundations to advising small companies and municipal governments.

In 2009, she founded Knight Vision International, LLC, a strategic media consultancy, serving Fortune 500 corporations, Federal agencies, political campaigns, higher education institutions, energy interests, and international cultural organizations.

In 2014, she merged Knight Vision International, LLC with Canney Communications to form The Knight Canney Group a strategic consultancy specializing in Government Relations and Public Relations.

Well traveled, well read, and well rounded, Felicia Knight is a seasoned professional who inspires confidence in all her endeavors.

To Contact Felicia:


(207) 831-5676


“Felicia Knight is a joy to work with. She brings an insightful, empathetic, and expert approach to communications — a winning combination in an interdisciplinary world.”

—Derrick Wang, Composer & Librettist of the opera Scalia/Ginsburg

“Felicia Knight is one of the most talented and capable people I have ever worked with. She is not merely a communications and marketing expert. She is also a superb strategist. She can take a complicated situation and come up with a clear and effective solution–even for problems other people can’t solve.”

— Dana Gioia, former Chairman National Endowment for the Arts

“With her years of experience in TV news, Felicia Knight proved to be a valuable resource for providing media training to members of the Bowdoin College faculty. She helped put them at ease in front of a television camera and showed them how to better control the situation.”

— Doug Cook, Director of News and Media Relations, Bowdoin College

“Felicia Knight is that rare person who takes the knowledge and perspective that come from years of experience as a journalist and communications professional and combines it with a sense of urgency and enthusiasm that brings great value to clients.  She is insightful, curious, honest, smart, funny and deeply talented.  She can size up a complex problem and come up with a thoughtful and creative way to approach it like few people I have ever known.”

 — Robert Tyrer, President The Cohen Group, Washington, DC

“In more than forty years of dealing with the public, I’ve often learned, the hard way, that people skills and relationships with customers often require expert help. I know of no one better at that kind of assistance than Felicia Knight. I highly recommend The Knight Canney Group, especially for anyone whose business requires day-to-day relationships with a public that has to rely on first impressions.”

 — Jeff Shaara, New York Times Bestselling Novelist
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Crystal Canney

Crystal Canney


Crystal is a recognized leader in public relations, media, governmental affairs and campaign strategy.

A winner of national awards, Crystal was a broadcast journalist for more than two decades. She understands how to get to the heart of an issue and how to communicate it to a mass audience.

Crystal followed her successful television news career with leadership posts in State and Federal government.

First as Communications Director to two-term Maine Governor and former Congressman John Baldacci. Then as Associate Commissioner of the Maine Department of Administrative and Financial Services, where she led consolidation initiatives and oversaw multi-million dollar budgets.

In 2009, Crystal established Canney Communications, a public relations firm specializing in campaigns and elections, industry organizations, and public-private partnerships. Representing interests from across the country, Canney Communications became a leader in grassroots and campaign strategy.

In 2012, Crystal was recruited to oversee communications for the victorious Angus King for Senate campaign—the first Senate victory by an Independent candidate in Maine history. Crystal continued on as a trusted advisor to Senator King by joining his staff in Washington, DC as Communications Director. Senator King’s work on both the Intelligence and Armed Services Committees have required Crystal’s immersion in myriad international affairs, including the Middle East, where she represented Senator King on a fact-finding trip to refugee camps in Jordan.

In 2014, she merged Canney Communications LLC with Knight Vision International, LLC to form The Knight Canney Group.

A consummate, experienced communicator, Crystal Canney is a strong and motivating force of good for all her clients.

To Contact Crystal:


(207) 615-5968


“Crystal’s work ethic coupled with her knowledge of media in Maine makes her the ideal package for public relations in Maine. She has strong relationships with Maine media and has an extremely in-depth knowledge of the market. Crystal not only has the relationships she can execute in all facets of media relations. She is a prolific writer, can handle crisis management and transform novice clients to experts in media relations in a matter of weeks.”

– Toby Guzowski McGrath, Deputy Chief of Staff, Senator Angus King

“The Manufacturer’s Association of Maine highly recommends The Knight Canney Group. When we had a crisis – they were responsive, quick and able to get the job done. This is the team to work with if you have an issue you need handled.”

– Lisa Martin, Executive Director, Manufacturer’s Association of Maine

“Crystal is a high-performing, results-oriented professional media strategist and communications expert with a proven track record of success working in government and on political campaigns. She has extensive knowledge of Maine, its people, its politics and its media landscape. She provides exceptional customer service and her skills, and demonstrated accomplishments, put her at the forefront of the strategic communications industry in Maine.”

– Andrew Russell, Senior Director, Corporate Communications & Content Creation, Time Warner Cable

“Crystal is smart, focused and committed. If she says she will get results, she will.”

– Joe, Carr, Assistant Vice President for Marketing and Communications at Providence College

“I’ve literally known Crystal for her entire career. As a longtime journalist, she built a reputation for doggedness, professionalism, hard work and unquestioned integrity. And is she ever connected! As far as I know, she may actually know every single person in media in the state of Maine and many others beyond. I highly recommend Crystal as a communications advisor to businesses, non-profits, government organizations, and campaigns.”

– Dana Stanley, Director of Marketing at GreenBook


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Jill Valley-Orlando

Jill Valley-Orlando

Media Strategist

Jill’s Emmy award-winning television career includes work as promotions producer and director at the NBC affiliate and WB/UPN affiliates in Honolulu, Hawaii where she received numerous honors for excellence in news and station promotions.

She also served as a promotions producer at the CBS affiliate in Portland, Maine, where she was recognized for excellence in station promotion and advertising.

As the divisional marketing manager at Hawaii’s Centex Destination Properties, the second home-resort living subsidiary of Centex Homes, Jill oversaw all marketing and public relations functions and personnel for five multi-million-dollar resort communities and was part of the sales, marketing, and development team that achieved one billion dollars in sales over three years.

In 2010, Jill joined Knight Vision International, LLC where she concentrated on media outreach and oversaw the production of special events.

In 2014, she joined The Knight Canney Group as Projects Director.

Jill is a graduate of the University of Maine with a BA in International Affairs and minors in Political Science and Latin American Affairs.


“Jill was an invaluable member of the senior leadership team and someone I could rely upon not only to complete a task but strategize how we might approach marketing solutions differently. Jill can be counted on to dedicate her time and energy in leading a team and complete an objective ahead of time and under budget.”

— Michael Kosmin, President MAK Consulting LLC

“I have had the pleasure of working with Jill at Centex Destination Properties during a challenging time in the market. She actively seeks input from everyone involved and her positive energy and encouraging management style brings the best out of her team. Jill’s total grasp of marketing from micro-macro, her understanding of demographics, and her dedication to her work make her a consummate marketing professional. We always knew our concerns and observations would be well received and incorporated. She is great with people and has a well-developed sense of humor, something I place a high value on! Everyone loved Jill and for good reason. I would jump at the chance to work with her again!”

— Jes Foster, Senior Residential Solar Consultant at Sunrun Inc.

“Jill Valley is such a talented, gifted, hard-working professional, there are really not enough words to describe her ability and dedication to her job! In her position as Producer/Director of Promotions, she was extremely creative both in her copy-writing skills and video editing. I always had the greatest confidence that she would produce memorable, eye-catching videos to promote our news projects. In fact, sometimes I worried that the news stories I produced would not live up to her promos! Jill is so much fun to have around, I would love to work with her again and would highly recommend her!”

— Barbara (S.) Wallace, Entrepreneur / TV News Anchor-Reporter

“Jill was an innovative thinker to find the solutions needed to achieve project goals ahead of schedule and within budget to ensure that we exceeded our customer’s expectations. I would be honored to work with Jill again in the future on projects.”

— Wayne Bullard, PMP LBC, Real Estate Project Manager at Randstad
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