Branding, identity,positioning,Thought leadership,Reputation management,Media training,Media strategy planning and outreachCorporate image building

Does your corporation give back? Does it connect with the people it serves? Does it instill confidence and provide exemplary customer service? If so, but no one’s telling that story, that’s a missed opportunity. The Knight Canney Group can help build and cement your corporate image.

Branding, identity, and positioning

Who are you? What do you stand for? How can you stand out?

Thought leadership

Does your industry turn to you for ideas? Do potential voters look to you for leadership? Does your opinion change others?

Reputation management

Whether your reputation needs reinforcement or rehabilitation, The Knight Canney Group can help.

Messaging, materials development, graphics, and editorial service

Messaging is more than talking points. The Knight Canney Group can give you a multi-platform strategy for communicating your message.

The Knight Canney Group, Public Relations,Media Strategy, Media Planning, Media Outreach

Media strategy planning and outreach

The ever-evolving media world requires you to have an informed partner who can develop the strategy you need to reach the audiences you desire. Whether you’re a corporation, candidate, organization, government agency, or an individual, The Knight Canney Group will help you achieve your media goals.

Media training

Countless CEOs, public officials, executives, political candidates, and private citizens have stepped in front of a camera or answered their phone expecting their encounter with the media to be effortless—only to find it was their undoing. The skill to conduct an intelligent, articulate, and comfortable interview or news conference is one that many have desired but that few have acquired. The Knight Canney Group has the media expertise to help you deliver.

Special events

Cirque du Soleil, Varekai, Frank FM, 107.5 Frank FM

From invitations to RSVPs from a spectacular launch to a low key lunch, The Knight Canney Group can set the stage for your event, manage your event marketing needs and achieve your media outreach goals.