The Knight Canney Group Manages Communications for Two Successful Referendum Questions on Maine Ballot

Knight Canney Group is strategic communications partner for Questions 2 & 5

PORTLAND, ME | NOVEMBER 10, 2016The Knight Canney Group, led by political and public relations veterans Felicia Knight and Crystal Canney, served as the strategic communications partner for two of the four successful referendum questions on the Maine ballot.

Question 2 will adequately fund Maine’s public schools and Question 5 will establish Ranked Choice Voting in Maine. (Of the five citizen initiatives on the ballot, four of them passed.)

The crowded November ballot held five citizen initiated referendum questions and one bond issue—each vying for the spotlight in a year where a Presidential election stood to garner much of the voter attention.

“We needed a strategic partner who could help us articulate the need for Maine to fund and sustain quality public schools and to communicate what that means for individual students, families, and the future of Maine,” said John Kosinski, Campaign Manager for the Yes On 2 campaign. “The Knight Canney Group stepped in and gave us that critical expertise.”

“The Knight Canney Group helped to guide our communications strategy. Their professionalism and hard work helped to deliver a historic win to give more voice to Maine people,” added Kyle Bailey, Campaign Manager for Yes On 5.

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