MAY 5, 2016 | LEWISTON, ME – The analysts and researchers at Gartner Group, the world’s leading information technology research and advisory company have announced their list of “Cool Vendors in Managing Operational Technology in a Digital Business” for 2016. Leading the list is aizoOn, parent company of aizoOn-USA, based in Lewiston, Maine.

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Gartner’s “Cool Vendor” status is highly regarded in the tech industry and each year, Gartner’s list is widely anticipated. Gartner conducts extensive research on emerging companies in the Information Communication Technology sector.

“We are thrilled to see aizoOn recognized on the world stage like this,” said Rob Dolci, President of aizoOn USA. “Garnering the Cool Vendor designation gives C-level executives and IT decision makers like CIOs and CISOs added confidence in our ability to help them manage operational technology (OT) securely as industries become more and more integrated into digital enterprises and the Internet of Things (IOT), with the ensuing need to stay on top of the cyber security game.”

In its report, Gartner explains why aizoOn is cool:

“AizoOn is cool in the context of managing OT in a digital business because of its ability to deliver holistic digital technology solutions, drawing from many diverse practices in IT; engineering; business innovation and process design; information management; and strategy and organization in an interdisciplinary way.”

“Every competency and proficiency extolled in Gartner’s report regarding aizoOn can be found here with us at aizoOn USA,” said Dolci. “This is an exciting moment for us.”

The Gartner report acknowledges aizoOn’s core competencies:

  • Cyber-security
  • Big Data storage and analysis
  • Industrial automation
  • System engineering and embedded systems design
  • Connected products
  • Process re-engineering linked to digital business strategy and innovation
  • Organization and change management

About aizoOn USA: aizoOn USA is an advanced technology company that solves challenges with innovation. aizoOn USA comprises researchers, engineers, mathematicians, and software developers who design, develop, and support the software and the systems that create safer, secure networks; smarter factories; well-managed warehouses; and seamless supply chains. aizoOn USA is backed by parent company and global technology consulting firm aizoOn Group with locations in Italy, the United Kingdom, Australia, and the United States.

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