Why Should I Hire a Public Relations Firm?

Why should you hire a PR firm? (Hint: You're not Sly Stalone.)

A couple of years ago, American Greetings issued a web video that went viral. A fake advertisement was placed for a position that required 24/7 commitment to “the associate,” able to do a lot of heavy lifting and bending, a degree in medicine and finance, as well as an ability to cook, clean, and drive a car. Of course, the position, already held by billions of people, was “a Mom.”

We wouldn’t presume to compare ourselves with your saintly mother—so instead think of us as your Uncle Jack-of-all-trades. The services offered by many public relations firms, including The Knight Canney Group, encompass everything from crisis management to corporate image building to executive thought leadership. Not to mention the staples of media and public relations.

Smart leaders are smart enough to know what they don’t know and that there should be someone around who does know.  For instance, do you know—

  • How to navigate or how to mitigate a public relations crisis?
  • How to get media coverage for your corporate excellence?
  • How to reach a government official with your problem?
  • How to be viewed as a leader in your area of expertise?
  • How to persuade people to vote for your issue, to pay attention to your product, or believe in your cause?

If you don’t, it’s okay—as long as you understand their importance and the value of bringing in someone who does.

If you badly cut yourself, you wouldn’t sew your own stiches, would you? (Unless you’re Sly Stalone). Sometimes, you need to bring in a consultant to stop the figurative bleeding as well.

An unexpected crisis can do irreparable damage to your image. Thoughtful, careful, and expedient management of a crisis can keep you from losing years of hard work to a momentary change in circumstances.  Would you know what to do in the realm of crisis management?

Establishing a network of media contacts takes time and effort. Do you know how a public relations campaign could amplify your story beyond paid advertising?

Businesses, non-profits, organizations, and individuals can all benefit from professional public relations consultants.  Let us let you focus on doing what you do best.

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