government-relationsSpecializing in government relations and public relations, we craft unique solutions for a variety of industry issues and causes to help you achieve your goals.

Issue analysis

Does your issue resonate with the public? With opinion makers? With lawmakers? What’s the opposition? The Knight Canney Group can help you find the answers and chart a course for action.

Issue advocacy

The Knight Canney Group is able to position your cause or issue before opinion-makers, lawmakers, and thought leaders. From grass roots to grass tops, The Knight Canney Group can help you make a difference.

Stakeholder engagement

Who are your allies and what can they bring to the table in support of your cause or issue? The Knight Canney Group can help you identify your stakeholders and target your message to build support.

Influencer engagement

The Knight Canney Group knows who should hear your message and help advance your cause. Our connections at all levels of government and in the media will work for your benefit.

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Strategic planning & communications

Knowing what you are, what you do, and what makes you different – and better than your competition – is key to positioning yourself in the marketplace.

The Knight Canney Group will help you refine and define your position and communicate it successfully.

Coalition building

Multiple voices will amplify your message; The Knight Canney Group can find and bring together likeminded organizations and individuals in support of your issue, cause, or candidate. A strong coalition can change public will, alter behavior, and influence public policy.

Crisis management

An unexpected crisis can do irreparable damage to your image. Thoughtful, careful, and expedient management of a crisis can keep you from losing years of hard work to a momentary change in circumstances. The Knight Canney Group has the experience and resources to manage your image in the event of a crisis.

“The Manufacturer’s Association of Maine highly recommends The Knight Canney Group. When we had a crisis – they were responsive, quick and able to get the job done. This is the team to work with if you have an issue you need handled.”
– Lisa Martin, Executive Director, Manufacturer’s Association of Maine

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Digital strategy

Having a digital strategy means more than having a website, a Twitter feed, or a Facebook page. It means understanding how to maximize audience engagement through the myriad digital opportunities that allow you to target—and micro-target—your message.