POLAND SPRING 100% NATURAL SPRING WATER PRESENTS: “Calling 207: Mainers Helping Mainers”

Poland Spring,Northern Penobscot Activities Council, Good Neighbor Grant

POLAND SPRING, MAINE – For more than 170 years, Poland Spring® Natural Spring Water has been part of the fabric of Maine, not only as one of the state’s most iconic brands, but also as a responsible steward of Maine’s natural resources. A true community partner, Poland Spring is active in the communities where its employees live and the business operates a bottling facility or load station, or where it sources its spring water. Philanthropic support of local projects always has been and continues to be a priority for Poland Spring.

With the launch of “Calling 207: Mainers Helping Mainers,” Poland Spring is now widening that effort to other communities across Maine and is looking to the state’s citizens to help find and select special activities, known as 207Acts. A 207Act is something that lends a helping hand to a community project and could include such projects as repainting a building, planting a garden or organizing a food drive.

How can someone nominate a 207Act? It can be done online at PolandSpring.com/calling207 where Mainers will find guidelines and dates for nominations and voting, or in person at summer events around the state wherever you find the Poland Spring Hydration Station. Look for the Hydration Station (a self-contained mobile trailer where people can fill up their reusable bottles with Poland Spring water—and enjoy flights of Poland Spring sparkling water flavors) and you’ll also find Calling 207 ballots. Once a 207Act is posted to the Calling 207 website, anyone can vote for that act.

In each of three periods this summer, five acts with the most votes will be reviewed by a panel of judges, who will then select two acts from each voting period between now and August 31, 2018. During the three periods, six projects ultimately will be chosen and be carried out between July 23 and October 13, 2018.

Qualifying 207Acts:

  • Must not take more than eight hours to complete
  • Must be able to be completed by October 31, 2018
  • Carry a maximum budget of $5,000

Upcoming locations for the Hydration Station throughout the summer will be posted to the Poland Spring Facebook page. 

About Poland Spring

Established in 1845, Poland Spring® Brand 100% Natural Spring Water has invested in Maine and created jobs using an abundant, renewable resource. The company, a division of Nestlé Waters North America Inc., operates three Maine bottling plants in Poland, Hollis and Kingfield. The Kingfield facility, which officially opened in January 2009, represents an initial $60 million investment and ninety jobs in rural western Maine. In the Spring of 2017, the Kingfield facility added an additional bottling line representing a $25 million investment. Poland Spring maintains spring sources in Fryeburg, Poland, Dallas Plantation, Poland Spring, Pierce Pond Township, Kingfield, Denmark and Hollis, Maine. Poland Spring also:

  • Employs nearly 900 full-time and seasonal workers across Maine, contributing nearly $49 million to the economy in annual payroll;
  • Spends over $135 million directly with other Maine companies each year; and
  • Invested over $7 million in community giving since 2000 to support schools, local non-profits, fire and rescue, environmental conservation, and many other local and statewide causes.


Poland Spring Gives $150,000 Good Neighbor Grant to Organization Dedicated to Underserved Youth and Elderly in Greater Lincoln Area

Poland Spring,Northern Penobscot Activities Council, Good Neighbor Grant

Northern Penobscot Activities Council to receive $50K

from Poland Spring each year for three years

POLAND SPRING, Maine – In keeping with its commitment to serve the communities in which it operates, Poland Spring® Brand 100% Natural Spring Water is donating $150,000 to support a Lincoln-based service organization, the Northern Penobscot Activities Council (NPAC).

Founded in late 2017, NPAC’s mission is to be an umbrella service organization that serves the greater Lincoln area. The newly formed organization will develop programs, services, and activities with an emphasis on outreach to youth and elderly residents, populations that are currently underserved. While an early emphasis will be placed on youth and elderly, NPAC plans to examine the needs facing all sectors of its community and plans to develop additional programs, as needed.

“We are committed to helping the people and communities across Maine where we do business,” said Heather Printup, Community Relations Manager for Poland Spring. “As new members of the greater Lincoln community, we want to show our support for the residents in the region, especially those who are currently underserved. We are impressed by NPAC’s mission and believe that our contributions will help make a big difference to the people who need the services NPAC will provide.”

The Poland Spring donation will be made in $50,000 increments annually over three years. Since 2000, Poland Spring has donated more than $7 million in Good Neighbor Grants to communities across Maine. Some of the organizations that have benefitted from Poland Spring’s Good Neighbor Grants include the Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine, 4-H Camp & Learning Center at Bryant Pond, Camp Susan Curtis in Stoneham, and the Franklin County Animal Shelter in Farmington.


About Poland Spring

Established in 1845, Poland Spring® Brand 100% Natural Spring Water has invested in Maine and created jobs using an abundant, renewable resource. The company, a division of Nestlé Waters North America Inc., operates three Maine bottling plants in Poland, Hollis and Kingfield. The Kingfield facility, which officially opened in January 2009, represents an initial $60 million investment and ninety jobs in rural western Maine. In the Spring of 2017, the Kingfield facility added an additional bottling line representing a $25 million investment. Poland Spring maintains eight spring sources across the state: Poland Spring (Poland Spring, ME), Evergreen Spring (Fryeburg, ME), Garden Spring (Poland, ME), White Cedar Spring (Dallas Plantation, ME), Spruce Spring (Pierce Pond Township, ME), Bradbury Spring (Kingfield, ME), Cold Spring (Denmark, ME) and Clear Spring (Hollis, ME).



Camp POSTCARD Celebrates 25 Years of helping Maine 5th & 6th graders enjoy a free week of summer camp

Camp POSTCARD, Camp POSTCARD Maine, Volunteers of America Northern New England, Maine Sheriffs Association, D.A.R.E.

June 15-22, 2018 at Agassiz Village in Poland

BRUNSWICK, ME. June 14, 2018 –Friday, June 15, marks the opening of Volunteers of America’s 25th year of Camp POSTCARD, a free week-long sleepover summer camp for Maine 5th and 6th graders — helping them make new friends, learn life skills, and build relationships with law enforcement.

Camp is held every year, in June, on the grounds of Agassiz Village in Poland, Maine, and is staffed by law enforcement, criminal justice professionals, and first responders who volunteer their time at Camp POSTCARD. They are joined by other community volunteers, as well as personnel from Volunteers of America Northern New England.

Every day there are new educational and hands-on activities. Mid-week, Wednesday June 20th is “Demo Day” and includes demonstrations of healthy snack making, law enforcement equipment, trained police dogs, wilderness survival skills, fire prevention, a “touch tank” of live marine creatures, an ice cream truck, face painting and more.

Camp POSTCARD, Camp POSTCARD Maine, Volunteers of America Northern New England, Maine Sheriffs Association, D.A.R.E.

Camp POSTCARD is a different kind of camp.

The experience provides a safe environment that stresses appropriate role models, ideals and values. It also allows campers to experience law enforcement in a positive way. Officers too, get to know the kids in their communities better and come away reminded of why they entered their professions: to help improve peoples’ lives.

Who attends Camp POSTCARD?

Law enforcement officers, school resource officers, school personnel and community members identify & recommend children who would benefit from this unique camp experience.

Thanks to community support, there is no charge for any child to attend. Camp POSTCARD is free to all campers. For many kids, it represents his/her first camp experience. It is truly a dream come true, introducing them to many firsts – rock wall climbing, fishing, swimming, kayaking, and team building.

Camp POSTCARD, Camp POSTCARD Maine, Volunteers of America Northern New England, Maine Sheriffs Association, D.A.R.E.All of this is possible due to the support of donors, corporate sponsors, foundation grants, volunteers from law enforcement agencies throughout Maine and numerous in-kind donations of food and supplies from our supporters.

About Volunteers of America Northern New England

Based in Brunswick, Maine, Volunteers of America Northern New England is a regional branch of Volunteers of America, a faith-based organization that has been serving our country’s most vulnerable citizens since 1896. Volunteers of America Northern New England serves the people of Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont with the promise to reach out and uplift the human condition and provide opportunities for individual and community involvement. We offer support in the areas of housing, behavioral health, veterans, mediation services, community justice, senior services, youth and families, ministry, Camp POSTCARD, and Cabin in the Woods.

Hunger Awareness Campaign Visible Inside & Outside Dead River Company

Once again, Dead River Company is taking part in Hunger Action Month activities to help raise awareness and money to aid the fight against hunger across their service areas in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Massachusetts—where the need is great.

  • In Maine, nearly 200,000 thousand people, and one in every four children do not have enough food on a daily basis.
  • In New Hampshire, 44,000 children under the age of 18 are food insecure.
  • In Vermont, more than 84,000 people of all ages live in food insecure homes.
  • In Massachusetts, 700,000 children and adults aren’t sure where there next meal will come from.

Inside all Dead River Company offices, employees will, again this year, wear blue jeans as a sign of their support for Hunger Action Month. During the week of September 22nd – 26th, for a donation of at least $5, employees can wear jeans to work all week. The employee donations will be matched dollar for dollar by Dead River Company, with the total being distributed among the following local food banks:

  • Maine – Good Shepard Food Bank
  • New Hampshire – New Hampshire Food Bank
  • Vermont – Vermont Food Bank
  • Massachusetts – Center for Self Reliance food pantry


Dead River Company employees
Dead River Company employees “Go Orange” for Hunger Action Month

The public is invited to get involved too, on the Dead River Company Facebook Page. From September 22nd to October 5th, “Like” Dead River Company on Facebook, and the company will make a $5 donation. Post a photo wearing something orange (the color of Hunger Action Month) and Dead River Company will donate another $5, total contribution of up to $10,000.

What could be easier? Click “Like”, $5 donation from Dead River Company. Post a photo wearing orange, $5 donation from Dead River Company, total contribution of up to $10,000.

All money donated by Dead River Company will be distributed among the local food banks in the company’s service area.


Dead River Company’s Community Commitment: Several years ago, Dead River Company embarked on focusing its charitable giving on three primary community commitments: to fight hunger and food insecurity, to offer home heating assistance, and to support efforts to improve pre-school and elementary education in the communities that the company serves. Since that time, Dead River Company, its employees, its customers, and its non-profit community partners have worked to raise both money and awareness to deliver on its promise to help fuel families on the inside and the outside.

Dead River Company Wins National Wellness Award

SOUTH PORTLAND, ME | July 1, 2014 – By committing to a corporate wide program that broke new ground in employee wellness, Dead River Company has earned one of only 16 WELCOA Gold Awards given out nationally.

While utilizing standard wellness program components such as bio-metric and health risk assessment screening, as well as competitions to encourage healthy behaviors, Dead River Company also expanded the program to include family members and insurance premium reduction incentives.

“We looked at traditional wellness programs and found that simply encouraging people to exercise and eat right, while well-intentioned, is not highly motivational,” said Guy Langevin, Vice President of Human Resources at Dead River Company.  “We all know we should live a healthier lifestyle, but how many of us take the time to find the guidance to do it? So, we devised a plan with greater reach and vision.  We included a range of items to motivate and encourage our employees to participate in the program and increase their overall wellness.”

Dead River Company’s wellness plan included:

  • Connecting participants to their primary care physician by encouraging preventative annual exams
  • Targeting all beneficiaries of an employee’s health plan, believing that family support improves the likelihood of behavioral change
  • Integrating disease management from a case management coach for employees who may have chronic illnesses such as diabetes, high cholesterol, or back pain
  • Meaningful incentives for premium co-pays of up to a 30% reduction for those employees who actively participate in positively managing their healthcare
  • Tracking progress by collecting aggregate data to identify the needs of specific employee populations

Dead River Company’s insurance carrier, Cigna Healthcare, is engaged in the program as well, providing a representative for the company’s wellness committee, and Case Management Coaches. Cigna also facilitates the biometric screenings for employees.  “They are great partners,” said Langevin.

Mark Converse, Regional Wellness Director at USI Insurance Services said, “Earning their first National WELCOA award at the Gold level validates the effort and team work with partners CIGNA and USI Insurance Services in building an effective health management strategy. They are a role model for other companies and proves how engaging a high percentage of a dispersed population can achieve significant increases in preventions.”

The program provides greater opportunity for success in making better health choices.  “Smoking was the toughest habit to break,” said one Dead River Company employee.  “Cigna provided the one-on-one help, consistent positive coaching with a representative, Denise, who worked around my day and evening schedule.  She provided me with coping mechanism ideas and moral support.  Denise followed up with continued guidance months after I quit.”

“By achieving this level of excellence in workplace wellness programming, Dead River Company has demonstrated that it is committed to protecting and enhancing the health and well-being of its most valuable asset—its employees,” said David Hunnicutt, PhD, President of the Wellness Council of America.

Currently, 97 percent of Dead River Company employees have had biometric screenings and health risk assessments and 95 percent have had annual preventative exams. “Our participation and overall employee health have improved substantially from before we implemented the plan,” Langevin added, “and the result is far healthier employees, and we hope, by extension, overall healthier families.”

A comparison of company participation and metrics prior to the institution of the wellness plan, with those in 2014 show a marked increase and improvements.

     2010     2014
Enrolled participants



Preventive screening



No-tobacco use/cessation program



Health Risk Assessment