The nation’s first Ranked Choice Voting statewide election also resulted in high voter turnout

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June 13, 2018

PORTLAND, MAINE — Yesterday, Maine voters approved Question 1 to protect Ranked Choice Voting by an even larger margin than it was initially approved in November 2016. Maine people have fought for three and a half years to have their voices heard. The Committee for Ranked Choice Voting celebrates a long overdue victory for the will of the Maine people, who once again stood strong for Ranked Choice Voting.

Cara McCormick, Campaign Treasurer said, “This has been an epic battle and this latest victory is because of the persistence of the Maine people who believe we can help fix a broken political system. For three years, we have fought for this reform. Together we stood up to the political powers that be and said – enough.”

As reported, high turnout in yesterday’s election is a direct result of Maine voters having the power to rank their choices in the nation’s first Ranked Choice Voting statewide primary election, and also to vote on the People’s Veto to protect the law that voters approved in 2016.

“This is a huge win for the Maine people,” said Kyle Bailey, Campaign Manager. “Maine voters have twice collected signatures and voted for Ranked Choice Voting at the ballot box because they know that our political system isn’t working like it should and we have the power to fix it.”

With the passage of Question 1, Ranked Choice Voting will continue to be used in Maine’s primary elections for Governor, State Senator, State Representative, U.S. Senator, and U.S. Representative, and in the general elections for U.S. Senator and U.S. Representative.


  • November 8, 2016: A majority of Maine voters approved Ranked Choice Voting at the ballot box in the second largest referendum vote by the people in our state’s history, and it became enacted law.
  • October 23, 2017: A majority in the Maine Legislature disregarded the will of the people and repealed the people’s Ranked Choice Voting law in a special late-night session.
  • February 2, 2018: Maine people collected more than 80,000 signatures in 88 days to place a People’s Veto on the June 12, 2018, ballot to protect the people’s Ranked Choice Voting law.
  • June 12, 2018: Maine voters will have the opportunity to stand up to the politicians in Augusta and insist on more voice by voting YES ON 1, the People’s Veto to protect Ranked Choice Voting.

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Saddleback Mountain Foundation Gains New Leadership Team

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March 19, 2018


Crystal Canney, Executive Director | | 207.615.5968

(Rangeley, Maine) – The Saddleback Mountain Foundation Board of Directors voted in a new President recently. Outgoing President Dr. Peter J. Stein stepped down and Wolfe Tone was voted in as President of the organization.

Dr. Stein said, “It is with great confidence that I am handing over the reins to Wolfe Tone who is the former director of the Maine Trust for Public Land. It has been an honor and a pleasure to work with this board during the initial years of this effort.” Stein will remain as a board member.

Wolfe Tone will be working directly with Executive Director Crystal Canney who was appointed by the board over the summer. Tone said, “I am looking forward to the new direction we hope to be taking this year. I am deeply indebted to the board for its vote of confidence and will be diligent in leaving no stone unturned to maximize our opportunity and role in the future of Saddleback Mountain.”

Executive Director Canney said, “I have every faith and confidence that given Tone’s background, negotiating skills and deep love of the mountain that this is the right move for the organization.”

Carol Millhouse was re-elected as secretary and appointed as treasurer.

Wolfe Tone Bio:

Wolfe’s professional carrier spans the spectrum of private, public, and non-profit sector experiences in land conservation, water quality, and watershed protection, and empowering partnerships; the thread always being a healthier, resilient environment and communities for future generations. Wolfe was the Maine State Director for The Trust for Public Land from 2009 until the spring of 2017.  He started his career with TPL in 2001, first as a project manager in Ohio, and continued in that role after moving to Maine in 2004. Over the course of his time as state director, he oversaw the protection of more than 75,000 acres of community-priority lands and helped raise $50MM in public funding and $7MM in private funding for work in Maine, touching on the lives of thousands of Maine residents.  Shaping his next professional frontier, Wolfe brings to the table extensive experience in conservation real estate, non-profit management, fundraising, and a passion and understanding of the value of connecting people with the land and experiencing our natural environment.

Crystal Canney Bio:

Crystal Canney is co-founder and CEO of the Knight Canney Group. She was the Communications Director for Senator Angus S. King, Jr. who was elected by a wide margin in November of 2012 and was Communications Director in Washington, D.C. After returning to Maine, Crystal accepted a position at the University of New England and was also named the Global Affairs Operations Director. Prior to the King campaign, Canney operated – Canney Communications, a media, and public relations firm in Maine. Among the many services offered were political campaigns, crisis communications and business communications strategy review. Her team has won numerous campaigns on varying referenda issues and by wide margins. Prior to starting Canney Communications, she was the Communications Director for Governor John Baldacci (D) – Maine. Her work involved policy, messaging, and imaging. She was appointed in 2007 to Associate Commissioner of Finance where she oversaw multi-million dollar budgets and a staff of 350 people. The team was tasked with providing human resources, finance and personnel for the largest agencies in state government along with a statewide consolidation of financial services. Prior to that, she was a national award-winning journalist in Maine and Massachusetts. Among her many awards, she received first place in the country from the Annie E. Casey Foundation for her series of reports on impoverished children. She has won numerous Associated Press, Maine Association of Broadcasters awards and was nominated for an Emmy. She was also the first Maine journalist to report live from New York City during 9/11 and she was in New Orleans and Gulfport, Mississippi covering Hurricane Katrina filing report. She has a bachelor’s degree from Emerson College in Boston.

Carol Millhouse Bio:

Carol Millhouse is a semi-retired Family Nurse Practitioner with 45+ years of experience in nursing education, college health services, and primary care.  She holds an MSN from UTexas-El Paso and an Advanced Graduate Studies Certificate as a Family Nurse Practitioner from UMaine-Orono.  Carol’s passion for Saddleback began in the early 1990’s when her daughter participated in a ski race there and continued through the years, including her serving as Ski Doc for the Saddleback Ski Patrol and an instructor in the Saddleback Ski School.  Her husband, John, served 9 years on the Saddleback Ski Patrol before joining the Saddleback Ski School as an instructor, also.





Maine People Celebrate RCV Certification and More Voice

Ranked Choice Voting Maine

Voters express excitement about ranking their choices and affirming their support for RCV

MARCH 5, 2018 | AUGUSTA, ME – Today’s certification of 66,687 signatures by Maine’s Secretary of State guarantees that on June 12, 2018, Maine voters will be the first in the nation to rank their choices in primary elections for U.S. Senator, U.S. Representative, Governor, State Senator and State Representative. This marks the first time in our state’s history that voters have initiated a People’s Veto in response to the Legislature’s attempt to overturn a Citizen’s Initiative.

“There’s just no stopping the Maine people,” said Kyle Bailey, campaign manager for the Committee for Ranked Choice Voting. “During the coldest months of the year, the Maine people collected at least 66,687 valid signatures in 88 days to restore Ranked Choice Voting and insist on more voice and more choice in our democracy.”

“The people of Maine want a system that works for us, and for our children and our grandchildren,” said Cara Brown McCormick from Cape Elizabeth, who collected more than 900 signatures for the People’s Veto. “Together, we stood up to the politicians who wanted to take away our right to choose the way we elect our leaders. I’m excited to rank my choices in June and to vote YES for the People’s Veto to keep Ranked Choice Voting moving forward.”

Dick Woodbury, Chair of the Committee, added, “Braving subzero temperatures and Arctic winds, Maine people stood on street corners and outside town dumps, municipal centers, and libraries to insist on more voice for Maine people. I could not be more proud or thankful.”

“This is a really important voting reform. It will enable us to elect the candidates who truly represent a majority of the people,” said Victoria Adams, a volunteer from Kennebunk. “I’m looking forward to ranking my choices starting this June and voting YES for the People’s Veto.”

“There are a lot of people running for Governor this year. That’s one reason why we need Ranked Choice Voting,” said Kathleen Glenn-Lewin, a volunteer from Brunswick. “This June, I will rank my choices based on policies and principles, and not on polling. That’s also why I will be voting YES on the People’s Veto, so we can keep electing our leaders with this better system.”

Contact: Kyle Bailey | (207) 939-8600



Ranked Choice Voting Campaign Makes History

Ranked Choice Voting Maine

80,000 signatures submitted; People’s Veto takes immediate effect Ranked Choice Voting is once again the law governing June 2018 elections

AUGUSTA, ME – Fighting sub-zero temperatures and an almost impossible 88-day timeline, Maine people are turning in more than 80,000 signatures today to keep Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) alive. In November of 2016, RCV was approved by the second largest referendum vote in Maine’s history. But last October, the Legislature voted to kill the new voting system by delaying and repealing the voter-approved law and overturning the results of a democratically held election. Those actions triggered the launch of a People’s Veto campaign — an incredible grassroots effort to gather at least 61,123 valid signatures in the dead of winter to restore the will of the people.

Kyle Bailey, the Committee’s campaign manager said, “This effort is nothing short of a miracle. It demonstrates just how hungry Maine people are for more voice and more choice in our democracy. These signatures were collected by volunteers who stood outside of post offices and town dumps in feet of snow facing below freezing temperatures. With the submission of these signatures, Maine people are sending a clear message to the politicians in Augusta that it’s the people who are in charge, not the politicians.”

Nicole Grohoski, who collected signatures in Hancock, Waldo and Knox County said, “This has been an extraordinary effort from citizens all over the state — we had nearly two thousand volunteers out there collecting signatures and driving them all over Maine to be counted. People got involved because they are tired of being dismissed by Augusta politicians who think they know better than the Mainers they represent. When the majority of Mainers speak, our politicians should listen.”

Upon submission of these signatures, the People’s Veto takes immediate effect, and RCV implementation must begin. RCV will be used in the June 2018 election for all state and federal primary races. Voters will also have the opportunity to reaffirm their support for RCV on this June’s ballot by voting “Yes” for the People’s Veto to insist on more voice and more choice in our democracy.

Campaign Chair Dick Woodbury said, “This is the first time in history that a People’s Veto has been invoked in order to preserve a citizen-initiated law. I could not be more proud of Maine people for taking this on, and for affirming that We the People own our democracy.”

For More information on the People’s Veto:

Contact: Crystal Canney at or (207) 615-5968